Lan Ha Bay

Lan Ha bay is located at the East of Cat Ba island and borders Halong Bay. The bay measures 7000 ha, of which 5400 ha are under management of the Cat Ba National Park. This smooth area with a curvy shape counts around 400 large and small islands. The islands and islets of Lan Ha Bay are all covered with green lush.

Due to being a fair way from Halong City, not so many tourist boats venture here, meaning Lan Ha Bay has a more isolated appeal. Sailing and kayak trips here are best organised in Cat Ba Town


Geologically, Lan Ha is an extension of Halong Bay but sits in a different province of Vietnam. Around 200 species of fish, 500 species of mollusc, 400 species of arthropod, and numerous hard and soft coral live in the waters here, while larger marine animals in the area include seals and three species of dolphin.


lan ha bay halong Lan Ha Bay


Best time to visit Lan Ha Bay


Summer is the best time to go to Lan Ha Bay because the weather is hot, suitable for swimming and kayaking. If you want to visit Cat Ba at the same time, autumn is fine too. However the weather is colder with more storms.


Transport to Lan Ha Bay


From the centre of Cat Ba, travelling to Ben Beo, you can buy the sightseeing ticket then hire a boat to take you to the place you want. If you just want to visit the surrounding places of bay ( near the coastline), you can hire a small motorboat from the locals. With a large group, you can hire an entire boat at the pier.


Things to do in Lan Ha Bay


Adjacent to Halong Bay, Lan Ha Bay has unique different beauty. If you like, you can take both Lan Ha Bay Tours and Halong Bay tours.


Cua Van Fishing village: 12 km far from Ben Beo, this is where all the boats stop for a kayaking time because the area has fascinating caves.


Hang Luon


Nam Cat Island ( Cat Ba National Park) attracts tourists thanks to its pristine beauty surrounded by nature, forests and seas. Humans visits are limited to keep its natural value. With 3 stilt houses made of wood and 6 hotels made of bamboo, relaxing here is in osmosis with the nature and the waves.


Monkey island: Monkey Island is 1km far from Cat Ba Town. It takes about 10 minutes from Ben Beo harbour to reach it. On the way, you will be passing by Cai Beo fishing village and some small islands. Monkey island has over 20 monkeys and some goats running around. The monkeys often go to the beach to play with the visitors, and looking for food. Be careful with your belongings !

The bay’s admission fee is often incorporated into the cost of tours.